Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jewish Drumming Lesson

I was catching up on Blog in Dm and ran across this great video of a Jewish drum lesson. In this case, the Jewish drumming appears to be aimed at playing New York Yeshivish and Chassidic simchas. I'm not clear (and will find out) who is giving the lesson and why, but it was offered up by YouTube user 100FlyingFish along with Jewish Drumming demo #1 Hora Chassuna, Jewish Drumming demo #2 Freilich Chassuna, and Jewish Drumming demo #4 Freilich Chassuna.

Jewish Drumming demo #3 Disco Hora variations


Anonymous said...


if you interested in learning drums

Jack said...

Thanks for the advertisement, but the point of the post was the Jewish music rhythms. I'm sure folks can find local drums lessons if they need 'em.