Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ronald Robboy's In Our Own Way: Yiddish Theater Music

As a Jew in the Midwest, I get unduly excited about Jewish events in the Midwest. So How come I didn't know about the University of Wisconsin's Conney Project for Jewish Arts? Always more to discover, I guess. Anyway, I was tipped off this morning by Twitter user Geoffery Keezer (who just released a fine album of "folkloric Afro-Peruvian and Argentinian music mixed with jazz"). Keezer was excited about Ronald Robboy's recent Conney Conference lecture on Yiddish theater.

Now I am too. The Conney Project has graciously put up a video of Robboy's talk, as well as over twenty others. I'm particularly looking forward to listening to Lee Williams' "When Crooks (and Gumshoes) talk Yiddish: On Babel, Singer and Chabon" and Sherry Mayrent's "A Shidukh Fun Himl: 78RPM Yiddish Recordings in the Digital Age"

Thanks folks!

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