Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camp Gan Israel - Montreal

I just got a nice nice from the folks at Camp Gan Israel, Montreal.

"Here is the video of the Visiting Day choir of Camp Gan Yisroel, Montreal.
The video is professionally edited, and was just uploaded! Please post it on your site."

Sure thing folks. My pleasure. I'm a big fan of CGI and my two wigglers attended the Ann Arbor version. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to see that this was only a boys choir, though. While CGI is run by Chabad, who are Lubavitch Chassids and very strict about their own Jewish practice, CGI as a camp is very inclusive to all Jews regardless of movement or personal practice. Kol Isha, even under strict observance, usually doesn't block adult men from listening to young girls sing so it generally isn't a problem for the camp. My girls love CGI, do lots of singing, and our visiting day show had boys and girls singing together.

That said, the boys sing well and it's fun video. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Sigh. A little fact checking would have helped here. Mottel just pointed out that Camp Gan Yisroel Montreal is actually an all boys camp. Hence the lack of girls in the choir. Oops.

CGI Choir - Zoakti


Mottel said...

The camp is an all boys summer camp, hence the lack of a girls choir.

Jack said...

Huh. I didn't realize that CGI had all boy camps. That certainly explains that. I should have fact checked that. I'll update my post. Thanks Mottel.