Sunday, June 27, 2010

Australian Jewish Music Ensemble's been a long long month here at Teruah central. Sorry I've been quiet. But it's not been for lack of great Jewish music to share. Let's get things rolling again with the Australian Jewish Music Ensemble. The AJME, led by Adam and Simon Starr, play a gentle but funky jazz based on Jewish themes. Here's their official blurb....
"Jewish music tells an incredible story of a journey; both into the soul of man and throughout the physical world. This journey has given birth to a remarkably diverse and beautiful tradition that encompasses all of the cultures that have hosted Jewish people. The AJME was formed around the idea that, in its breathtaking diversity, Jewish music can be revitalised through fusions with other genres of music, different compositional forms and the inclusion of improvisation, which is the lifeblood of musical creativity. By funnelling Jewish migratory paths through a contemporary musical prism, the AJME hopes both to create for itself a repertoire that will make a lasting contribution to the body of Jewish music, and to encourage more people to engage with this tradition."
That "Jewish music can be revitalised through fusions with other genres of music" is a fine idea, though I like seeing it revitalized as is too. The video below is a fun deconstruction of the seder classic Echad mi Yodea. They do a nice job of exploring the melodic and rhythmic possibilities in the song without making the song unrecognizable. On their myspace page you can hear a number of their other pieces, including Adam Starr's new composition "Meditations on a Judeo-Babylonian Ritual Song." I'm going to need to get a copy of that one. Very cool.

echad mi yodea

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