Monday, June 7, 2010

Two from Sefarides: Juan Bau and "Por ke llorax"

Today I want to feature two great videos from Sefarides, a website and Facebook stream dedicated to "a la información sobre la cultura y la historia sefardí" (Which I'm assuming means "information about Sephardic history and culture" Gotta love cognates). I just got linked up withe Sefardies Facebook stream, which is now sending me lots of fascinating Sephardic videos.

Here's the first one...

Por ke llorax blanca ninya? Sephardic song on hurdy gurdy

I love this version of the song. I've got two different contemporary recordings of it, one by Psychedelic Sephardic rock band Deleon and one by Sephardic Indie-Pop band La mar Enfortuna (both tracks with the titled transliterated "Porke Yorach"). It's great to hear this more traditional version. That said, I'm not ready to go along with the videos notes that describe the song as "a sad Sephardic Jewish romance from pre-inquisition Spain." One thing I've learned about Sephardic music is that while the lyrics may be pre-inquisition there's no real evidence that the melody is that old. This shouldn't detract from my (or anyone else's) appeciation of the song or the recording. It's just that the mythos of Sephardic musical antiquity is a bit overblown.

This second video is a hoot.

Juan Bau - La estrella de David

When I close my eyes, I really love the vocals and imagine the singer in a suit on a theater stage. When I open my eyes I all I see is Bay City Rollers. But generational fashion quirks aside, Juan Bau is a seriously good vocalist working, at least in this recording, in a Sephardic context. And from looking at his website, Facebook page, and myspace page, Bau is a vocalist that is still performing and recording. My Spanish isn't good enough to get too far into these sources, but I get the impression that he's a popular Spanish singer who recorded one or two Sephardic recordings during a much longer recording career. If anyone knows more about him and can help fill in some details I'd appreciate it. I'm going to try to hunt down this album. Have to have it.

Hat tip to YouTube user flautadeorfeo for posting (and recording?) the hurdygurdy video and to mireyaesc for posting the Juan Bau video.

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