Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jewish Music Fest Shoutouts, Chicago, SF, Toronto, Atlanta, Washington DC

My own adventures with the Detroit JCC Stephen Gottlieb Jewish Music fest aside, there are a number of Jewish music fests going on this summer that are worth pointing out. This is just a quick list, not an exhaustive one. If I'd don't mention one in the area you live in, check my left-side panel for a larger list of annual fests. If you're in Europe..check Ruth Ellen Gruber's extensive list of European Jewish Music Festivals.

Chicago Jewish Festival. Next Sunday, June 13, is the Chicago Jewish Festival. It runs from from 11 to 5ish, with 4 concurrent stages as well as food, art, and local organizations. I think the music is free, but am not sure. And I get to go! If you see me say howdy! I'll be live tweeting the show. This year artists will include my buddies StereoSinai as well as
"Tzioni ‘R' Us/Weiner Experience, Moshe Skier Band, The Ruby Harris Band, David Broza, Kol Sasson, Rabbi Joe Black, Listen Up! A Capella, Community Sing, David Broza, Jazmer, Barbara Silverman, Lafayette Klezmorim, Tarkay, Tracy Friend, Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, Guy Mendilow, Shakshuka, Saul Kaye, Cantor Jeff Klepper, Tumbalalaika, Guy Mendilow, Kol Tikva, Lynn Hazan, Caryn Bark, Shining Lights, Jeff and Janis, Anna and Catherine Kazyansky, Mamaloshn Yiddush Song Group, Ed Holstein, Marilyn Price, Steve Justman, Shelechet Aviv Israeli Dance Troupe, Ballet Entre Nous, Aaron Freeman, Jessica Honor Carleton, Solomon Schecter Choir, Junior Klezmer Band, Guy Mendilow Band, Judy & David, Jessica Honor Carleton, Joel Frankel, Judy & David, Marilyn Price, Jewish Jammers, and Comedy Ventriloquist Chuck Field."
And rumor has it that Patrick A of Can Can and Punk Torah will be in town for festival as well, though not performing.

Whew. Looking at a list like this is humbling. As much as I think I know the list touring Jewish musicians, looking at the line of summer Jewish music fests makes me realize how much more action there is out there than I can track. Great fun.

San Francisco Jewish Music Festival. July 11. This year is the SF Music Fests 25th year. They had a big showcase in March and will be having another one in July.
"Artists include Eprhyme, Glenn Hartman and the Klezmer Playboys, Peter Jacques, Elana Jagoda, Kugelplex, Ira Levin, Joe Nguyen, Kat Parra, Red Hot Chachkas, Dror Sinai, Gerry Tenney and California Klezmer, Vocolot and Joshua Walters. Plus klezmer, maqamat (Middle Eastern modes) and Middle East percussion jam/ workshops, an Instant Chorus, and an Instrument Petting Zoo, in association with the Community Music Center and Zambaleta World Music Institute."
Ashkenaz Music Festival, Toronto. From Aug 31 to Sept 6. Headliner shows require $ tickets, but everything else is free. And considering most of the "everything else" would headliners at other festivals, this is amazing. I would love to go but don't think I'll be able to afford it. Anyone feel like sponsoring an itinerant blogger? No? Oh well. Maybe in two years.
"Abraham Inc., Adrienne Cooper & Marilyn Lerner, Andy Statman, Batsheva, Beyond the Pale, Canadian Cabaret hosted by SoCalled (including helly Posen, Brian Katz and Lenka Lichtenberg, Lache Cercel, Aviva Chernick, the Yiddish Swingtet, Mike Ankielwicz), Daddo, Daniel Kahn, Deep Minor, Di Fidl Kapelye, Flory Jagoda, Gypsophilia, Jaffa Road, Klezmer Kids, Konsonans Retro, Kosher Gospel w/ Joshua Nelson, David Wall, and Ken Whiteley, Kurt & Annette Bjorling with Di Fidl Kapelye, Lache Cercel and the Roma Swing, Marilyn Lerner, Mitch Smolkin, Nayekhovichi, Nayekhovichi, Sephardic Cabaret hosted by Aaron Bensoussan, Shtreiml, Sisters of Sheynville, The Flying Bulgars, The Huppah Project, The Klez Dispensers, The Lithuanian Empire, Theresa Tova, Toronto Jewish Folk Choir, Vira Lozinsky, Zully Goldfarb."
Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. Ok, it was last night and I missed it. But I wanted to give a shout out to one of the new Jewish music fests. First of all I love seeing some Jewish action down South. There's been a solid Jewish population down there for a long long time, but it doesn't get the attention that Jewish in northern east and west coast cities get. Secondly, the line up for their fest was pretty interesting. Yesterday's show included the Moshav Band, DeLeon, Girls in Trouble, and 4th Ward Afro-Klemzer Orchestra. What's interesting about this is that it was much more of a rock / pop concert than your typical fest. Most fests lean toward Jewish flavored folk / world music. As more Jewish rock, pop, and hip-hop bands are getting formed, I wonder how long it will be until more fests have stages like Atlanta's.

Washington DC Jewish Music Fest. It kicks off tonight and runs until June 13, with....
Screening of The Jazz Baroness, Danny Sanderson, Seth Rudetsky’s Deconstructing Broadway, Galeet Dardashti, Uri Gurvich Quartet, Saints & Tzadiks (Susan McKeown & Lorin Sklamberg), Golem with Girls In Trouble, The Macaroons Children's Concert, and Vagabond Opera.


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