Monday, December 15, 2008

Moshe Hecht's 'Lamplighters' for the Holtzbergs

I got an email at the end of last week from Moshe Hecht, a Chassidic musician who just releaed a new song, Lamplighters, that commemorates the Holtzbergs (the Chabbad Rabbi and Rebitizen who were killed in Mumbai) and celebrates folks like them. As his bio states...
"Born into a Chassidic family trailing generations of rabbis, Moshe Hecht grew up striving to define himself while staying true to his faith. He turned to singing and songwriting to put the pieces together. Moshe’s music draws inspiration from reggae, classic rock, folk and Chassidic melodies. His lyrics are poetic, honest, and confident, complimented by a voice that is aged with a depth, wisdom and passion beyond his 23 years."
While I dig Hecht's music and support the thought behind Lamplighters, I personally find the song to be a bit to much of an anthem for my musical taste. I much prefer the intimacy of his song Illusions. Check 'em both out...



For more info on Hecht or the Lamplighters song or to download your own copy, see the Lamplighters website. Hecht hangs out on FaceBook and you can contact him there as well.

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