Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yideo Video

I'm continually overwhelmed by the activity in the Chassidic/Orthodox music community and am constantly finding new resources to explore. One recent discovery is the Yideo Video series. It's a leased-access television show (see note below) airing in New York City, but it is also available for viewing online. They've got an update blog and RSS feed, too.

The current segment (#26) has Dov Shurin (pictured), Shlock Rock, Oif Simchas and comedic theater piece from the recent HASC concert. I've mentioned before that this isn't my favorite music, but I have to say I enjoyed the lead off Dov Shurin song "Masters of the Land." I'll leave judgements about it's fairly hardline political stance, to the listener. It's a modestly entertaining half-hour, though the music is overwhelmed a bit by the constant commercials. Such is television. The oddest was the first, a US Army recruiting spot. Now, I work for a small US defense contractor, so don't think this is a political comment. It just seemed oddly out of place.

Anyway, it's the first video of it's kind that I've seen and I'm glad it's being produced. Check it out.

I just got a nice email from Shooly at Mikshoo Productions. He wanted me to clarify that the show is not "public access" but "leased access," meaning that they are allowed to have commericals. I also should have been more clear. I understand and am very sympathetic to why Yideo Video has commercials: that's how the production costs get paid. Breaking up the video content with lots of commercials, though, is much more characteristic of TV production than Internet production. Internet production typically has web-based advertising and maybe one video advert as the show starts. I didn't mean it to sound like a big criticism. Just a small annoyance voiced in the spirit of 'viewer beware."

I really hope that folks check out the show. I know I will.

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