Friday, June 29, 2007

ich hob veiter a bissel shtickel cowbell!

I just saw this crackup video over at PsychoToddler's blog (it was also linked to from Blog in Dm.) What a great way to start the day. In case it needs any explanation, it's an homage to a classic Saturday Night Live sketch.

"The Moshe Skier Band records its big hit, Adon Olam, with the help of legendary Jewish Music producer, Baruch Dickerstein. Yes, THE Baruch Dickerstein."

ich hob veiter a bissel shtickel cowbell!

And, just in case it needs any explanation, the Moshe Skier Band is a real band out of Milwaukee plays classic rock influenced Jewish music. They really do a version of Adon Olam. Check out their website and MySpace Page to hear more. For a real treat, also check out Kabbalah, an earlier incarnation of the band. How may Jewish bands have you heard that claim Duran Duran, Dire Straights, and Styx as influences? Moshe's blog 'PsychoToddler' is also a must read. It's a good-natured, but sardonic, look at Jewish music, parenting, and life.


PsychoToddler said...

Jack, just wanted to let you know that both Moshe Skier: Rock of Sages and Kabbalah: Kollection are now available at iTunes and You can search the sites directly, or follow the links from either or psychotoddler.

Jack said...

Thanks for the update.