Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've got a one track mind and will probably be posting a lot about the 'Contemporary Jewish Music' scene over the next week or so. I want to get my head around the core musicians and to see what's going on lately. I was starting to research Craig Taubman, founder of the Jewish music label Craig N Co, and a major player in the scene when I found out about OyBaby2. Oybaby is a DVD for Jewish tots. I love the concept. I'm not sure the video has me sold, mostly because I think my little ones are already too old for it. But check it out. It's a good idea that looks reasonably well executed (unlike many children's media projects I've seen). It looks to lean more toward standard set pieces (shabbat and Hanukkah candles) and simple Hebrew phrases than toward any real sense of Jewish values. Considering the target age group (young toddlers) that's probably ok. I've got a couple of toddler books like that. Some work well, some don't. Oybaby looks like it might.

OyBaby is an exciting concept in children's Judaica. Our line of DVDs, VHS videos, and CDs combine stimulating imagery with beautiful and fun Hebrew songs to create a rich Jewish experience for children six months and up. See why the Cleveland Jewish News wrote "Every Jewish home will appreciate this addition. In OyBaby 2, The Schneiderman Sisters return on lead vocals with songs such as Modeh Ani, Shalom Rav, and Tumbalalaika. Guest musicians Craig Taubman and Rick Recht join in the fun as well. Check us out at

OyBaby 2 - The NEW DVD for Jewish Babies

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! It's been a labor of love for my wife and I over the past 4 years.

While the video is aimed at toddlers, the music is great on its own and appeals to a much wider age range.

Why don't you send me your address and I'll send you a copy? Then your kids can check it out for themselves.

Other readers, use coupon code "apples" for a 20% discount at our website.

One other note...there are some spelling mistakes in this YouTube preview that were corrected in the final version.

Rob Wolf
Creator of OyBaby