Sunday, April 27, 2008

La Mano Ajena - Chilean Klezmer

Recently I found a new Spanish language klezmer blog. What my rusty high school Spanish (20 years ago rusty) can't handle, I get my clever wife (and fluent Spanish speaker) to translate. It's not a frequent publisher, but a good one. And even if your Spanish is worse than mine, they have a nice playlist.

Anyway, a couple of days a go they posted a delightful video from the Chilean band La Mano Ajena. The 'Klezmer" blog describes La Mano Ajena, more or less, as a fusion of the rhythms of Eastern Europe with those of Russia, France, and Venezuela and incorporating the band members love for rock, punk, theater music, and Latin American folk music.

La Mano Ajena - Aves Errantes

If you like this video, you can download the track here.

Hat tip to the video's producer, Manodeobra Films, for posting the video to YouTube and to the Klezmer blog.


Julicheiro said...

Hello Jack! Pleased to see your blog. We´ll add it in the blogroll of our klezmer blog.

Jack said...

Thanks! And thanks again for the La Mano Ajena video. My wife loved it, as did I.