Monday, April 28, 2008

The World's Largest Klezmer Band

Here's an interesting klezmer video that was just posted to one of the Jewish music mailing lists I'm on.

"A medley of Klezmer favorites played by Clarinetist Tom Puwalski, with the worlds largest klezmer band, The United States Army Field Band. These were the final notes I played as an active duty member or the US Army"


In addition to the Field Band, Tom also plays with the Washington D.C. area klezmer group "Lox and Vodka" and is the author of the book "The Clarinetist's Guide to Klezmer." He's got a bunch more videos on YouTube. Check 'em out.

Update 1: Tom was interviewed recently for an excellent edition of the Klezmer Podcast. Among other things, they talk about Tom's new group, The Atonement.

Update 2: There has been lively and appreciative chat about this video on the Klezmershack mailing list. Tom just joined in with this great comment. I had to share.
"I would love to thank everyone for their comments about my You tube posting, including the few I've gotten that call into question, the legitimacy of my statement that this was the "largest" klezmer band ever. I believe there are four conditions that needed to be met to even make such a statement :
1. The band was paid (highly paid, I still get paid and I don't play with them anymore)
2. The band had a definable look i.e. "cool uniforms" that made us look the cover of a Beatles album
3. Concert took place in a concert hall, The Meyerhoff in Baltimore, where the audience had to obtain tickets, ok they were free, but they still had to call.
4. There was at least one old jewish lady, saying the drums were too loud and did we need such a big speakers."
Tom was referring to comments about attendee's at the annual Klezfest forming an even larger klezmer band. (Specifically the comment was about Klezfest London).

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For anyone interested, Tom's interview with me on Klezmer Podcast 32 is available here: