Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sorry Arnie, Project Ben David is great. Please tell my mother I'm not a jerk. Ok?

Ok, Arnie. I get the message. Now even my mother is telling me that I'm an opinionated jerk and that your album "Project BenDavid" is great.

This is what happened. One of my brother's is getting married in California in a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks after the wedding, my parents are going to throw an east coast reception for the family and friends who couldn't make it to out west. And they want music at the reception. So I did a little digging and it turns out that Arnie Davidson, in addition to being a talented composer and musician, happens to live about 10 miles from my parents. Perfect!

Last weekend Arnie, my brother, and my folks got together to talk about the reception and listen to a demo tape of Arnie's. And he was a hit. My folks and brother loved him and booked him for the gig. Perfect!

And then Arnie mentioned (with a grin, I'm sure) that it's too bad that Jack doesn't like Arnie's music. uh oh.

Now I'm in trouble with my mother, who thought that Arnie's music was wonderful and what what were you thinking Mr "I'm so clever because I've got a blog."

So let me take this opportunity to straighten out any misconceptions, Arnie. While it's true that I didn't love the album, it's also true that I loved the track "Esa Einai." I think many of the compositions are fine, I just personally have a hard time with some of the performances. Just not my thing, ok? But everyone else should check out the album's music samples and decide for themselves.

In the meantime, here's Esa Einai

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Arnie said...

Thanks Jack
Sorry to put you in a tight spot (unintentionally)with family. All publicity/comments are welcome; I appreciate your words and for listening once, and then again.

Look forward to meeting soon!

Arnie Davidson