Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eden Mi-Qedem at The Sephardic Music Festival

I also missed the Sephardic Music Festival again. That's the trouble with being up here on the North Coast. I keep missing things.

Anyway, here's a great clip from this years Festival. The band is Eden Mi-Qedem a Jewish and Arab musical and cultural fusion group from Jerusalem. They describe themselves as "fus[ing] elements of Middle Eastern and Arabic World Music, Electronica, Pop, and Classic Rock, creating a genre-defying sound that is as modern as it is ancient. The group unabashedly draws inspiration from the Hebrew Bible as well as the Muslim call to prayer and shows the beauty that is possible when Jewish and Arab cultures and faiths work in harmony. The lyrics, which are in Hebrew, Arabic and English, are based on original poetry as well as sacred texts, and wed spiritual themes to highly danceable music."

You can find more information about the band, their new album and their tour schedule at their website and at CD Baby.

Eden Mi-Qedem at Sephardic Music Festival- Yedid Nefesh

Hat tip to YouTube user Kaphtziel for posting the video.

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