Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emap.FM for recordings of broadcast Klezmer concerts & more

Emap.FM Streaming RadioEmap.FM, a streaming internet radio station from Austria, offers a great array of Jewish music programs with a strong emphasis in Klezmer. This includes a complete archive of the KlezMore concerts from 2004 to 2008 and includes performances from some of the best traditional and experimental klezmer bands out there. Some highlights (in my opinion) include

2004 - Adrianne Greenbaum's Fleytmuzic
2004 - Zakarya
2004 - Shtreiml
2006 - Klezmatics
2006 - Konsanans Retro
2007 - Daniel Kahn and Painted Bird
2007 - Isle of Klezbos
2008 - Klezmofabia
2008 - Andy Statman
2008 - Amsterdam Klezmer Band

In addition to the KlezMore shows, do a search for klezmer and Jewish and you'll find a bunch of other programs including a great set of "new Jewish drinking songs" by Geoff Berner.

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