Friday, January 9, 2009

Lecha Dodi with voice and organ

Shabbat shalom everyone,

It's a snowy day on the North Coast (Michigan) and I'm looking forward to Shabbat. For my weekly Shabbat get-in-the-groove video I've decided to broaden myself a bit. The video is of the Kabbalat Shabbat prayer L'chah Dodi sung by David Fair at Rodef Shalom, a Reform Jewish congregation in Pittsburgh, PA.

L'chah Dodi

I say broaden myself because, not growing up in the Reform Movement, I'm not so comfortable with instrumental accompaniment to Shabbat prayer. But the Reform community accepted the use of the organ as one of the early defining characteristics of the Reform service (though guitar is probably much more common these days). But my itchiness aside, Mr. Fair does a fine job leading his choir, organist, and community.

Hat tip to YouTube user castodivo for posting the video.

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Taltos said...

Im not comfortable hearing this version of L'chah Dodi. I must say that the organ did a great job but sad to say the arrangement is poor.

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