Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Irving TV & The Klezkamp Slow Jam

Once again I've missed KlezKamp. Robin didn't. She finally got to go this year and, with trusty sidekick Irving the Rubber Chicken, documented the festivities. The video below is just one of her "Irving TV" productions which also include videos of the Hasidic Dance Band, Yiddish Singers, and, of course, the Chanukkah Chicken. They're a hysterical (and musical!) snapshot of one of the premier klezmer events of the year. Someday I hope to make it too, but until then I'll have Irving TV.

According to Robin, "[t]his is the evening Slow Jam, led by Sherry Mayrent on the evening of 22 December, featuring a mad kickass solo by Hartley."

KlezKamp 2008 - Slow Jam - 22 December - Part I

Hat tip to Robin for shooting and posting the videos.

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