Monday, March 9, 2009

Keep'in it Real at the Purimspiel

The best thing about Purim in internet-land is that we all get to share in the fun. For the next couple of weeks, YouTube and the like will be flooded with every kind of Purimspiel, party, and gragger-spinning shenanigans you can imagine. To kick off the real-time Purim giddiness, here's Miss Lori Scherling. She's kicking it old 'shul with a song about Megilliat Esther, Chapter 6.

Hey, Miss Scherling? Any songs for the other chapters?


Miss Scherling said...

Not yet....BUT....there a whole year to get myself together for the rest of the chapters! Until then, enjoy Chapter 6 and HAPPY PURIM everybody! :-)

music lessons said...

i still have yet to start the chapter 6...but will look forward to do it later... :)

- ledz -