Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shabop Shalom

Ok, so here's the oddest song I've run into in a while. And that says a lot. The song is "Shabop Shalom," by Texas musician Devendra Banhart. According to Wikipedia.. Bahart is an "American/Venezuelan folk rock singer-songwriter and musician. Banhart's music has been classified as indie folk, psych folk, Naturalismo, and New Weird America; his lyrics are often surreal and naturalistic." So not Jewish, as far as I'm aware. But he picks up some Jewish themes and images in Shabop Shalom that are definitely worth a listen.

Devendra Banhart Shabop Shalom

For more info on Banhart, see his website, MySpace page, or Wikipedia page.


julie said...

his claim to fame is dating natalie portman... (maybe that's where the shabat inspiration came from?)

Jack said...

That's too funny. I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Well, his claim to fame is actually making good music (including commercial hits like "I feel like a child", which was prominently featured in several commercials around the world). 4 albums already, and he's been a (quite weird but interesting) showman for quite some time now. So, thanks for him.

Cody Sewell said...

He doesn't have a "claim to fame". He is actually rather humble and enjoys staying out of the spotlight. Which is the reason they are no longer dating. He just didn't like the attention.