Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vashti's Revenge - Galeet Dardashti presents music from The Naming

Twitter's been bubbling. The blogosphere's been buzzing. Strange costumes and mask's are popping up in unlikely places. I've been invited to a dozen parties I'm too far away to attend. I declare it officially Purim.

If you're in the New York City area and want to kick off the Purim season in style, I recommend you check out Galeet Dardashti's show on Thursday, March 5 at Santos Party House in NYC. Dardashti, who specializes in Misrachi and Sephardic music, released the stellar Divahn album a few years back. This week she'll be debuting Vashti's Revenge and other music from her new album, The Naming. (Note: This is not the CD release party. The disc isn't out yet). Here's the official description of the album...
"The Queen of Sheba's shaven legs. A witch's bitter prophecy. The female superheroes who saved Moses. These stories make up The Naming, singer and composer Galeet Dardashti's exploration of the little-known lives of the Bible's phantom women."
I'd simply describe it as a passionate whirlwind. Enough said. Go to the show. For more information about, check out Dardashti's website or FaceBook page. Tickets to the show, you're going right?, can be had through TicketWeb.

Vashti's Revenge

Flyer for Vashti's Revenge concert


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Rachael said...

Thanks for this (v. thorough) posting and for supporting a great show!! Were you able to make it yourself?

Rachael said...

Oh, I should have asked - would you like to be added to our list of bloggers, and receive info about our artists who have shows in NY? We have several Jewish artists...if you're interested, check out http://www.rockpaperscissors.biz and/or email me at rachael at rockpaperscissors.biz
We handled the PR for Galeet's show, and will be working her cd release...thanks again! :)

Jack said...

Hi Rachael. Unfortunately I don't live in the NYC area and wasn't able to get to the show. I heard it was great, though.