Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shoshant Yaakov, International Style

As Jewish holidays go, Purim is a goof full of costumes, parties, ridiculous Purim Speils, and the dictum to drink until you cannot tell the difference between "cursed be Haman" and "blessed be Mordecai." So while Purim has it's share of serious, meaningful, music it's also got it's share of outright silliness. One of my current favorite silly bits is Israeli transvestite pop singer Dana International's dance version of Shoshanat Yaakov (The Rose of Jacob), the prayer said at the close of the reading of Megillat Esther. This video is one of those cases where the music so doesn't match the lyrics that it makes my brain hurt. But that's just part of the fun.

Dana International - Shoshanat Ya'akov (Music Video)

For a more traditional perspective on Shoshanat Yaakov including commentary, lyrics in Hebrew, English, and English transliteration, and a way more earnest version of the music, check out the Chabad website. For a few other lovely versions of the song, check out NeoHasid and an Invitation to Piyut.

For more info on Dana International, check out her website or Wikipedia page.

Binyomin GinzbergUPDATE: Ace Jewish musician Binyomin Ginzberg, of JewishMusician.Com, dropped me a note on Facebook saying "That's a great clip! This is a remake of a traditional Israeli melody for Shoshanat Yaakov. I recorded a version of this tune, arranged as a debka, on my Purim Sameach CD." First, I've got his Purim Sameach disc and it's great, you should all go give it a listen. I'm going to be reviewing it on Sunday. Second, this is another great example of me being ignorant in public. The fact that this melody for Shoshanant Yaakov is a familiar Israeli one explains a lot about why an Israeli pop singer would pick it up for a dance track. Didn't know that. Thanks Binyomin!

Here's a clip from Binyomin's Shoshanant Yaakov, arranged as a debka.

Debka / Hora Set

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