Friday, August 28, 2009

The Event Video

Some of you may remember all the hub-bub last year about the canceling of the Orthodox community's"The Big Event" concert at Madison Square Garden. Well, the follow up concert "The Event" went off smoothly in March. I didn't get to go (I never make it NYC shows. sigh) even though it featured Lipa Schmeltzer who would have been worth a road trip to go see. In addition to Lipa, the concert included MBD, Dedi, Abie Rotenberg, Pirchei Chior by Eli Gerstner and Yossi Newman, Srully Wulliger, Acheinu-Shapiro Brothers and Rabbi Boruch Chait, and Shloimy Gertner. Anyway, as expected, the concert was videotaped and rapidly packaged up on a DVD for sale by Mostly Music.

Check it out.

The Event - The Trailer

A special Video Clip from The Event Concert 2009

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