Friday, August 7, 2009

What does Jewish look like to you? Vanessa Hidary, The Hebrew Mamita

If you caught my preceding post on the Limmud Fest, you might have seen that Vanessa Hidary ‘The Hebrew Mamita'. I hadn't heard of her before and am a big fan of performance poetry so I thought I'd check her out. Wow. Pretty fabulous. Here's her performing her signature poem. Her whole show was videotaped and put up on YouTube. Watch 'em all. You'll be glad you did. She's one smart, funny, and very very self-aware lady.

"The Hebrew Mamita" by The Hebrew Mamita herself

UPDATE: so I've been watching a bunch of Hidary's other videos and wanted to point out this other version of her "Hebrew Mamita" poem performed back in 2003 on the Def Poetry show. The version above is really good, but I think she nails it in this one.

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