Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Klezmer Podcast goes Video - Keith interviews the Watcha Clan

Keith Wolzinger, host of the long running Klezmer Podcast, has put out his first video show. Congrats! According to Keith, his "guests are the members of Watcha Clan, who performed in Los Angeles on 17 July, 2009 on their North America tour." (See their MySpace Page for their tour schedule.)

As a bonus, here's a quick bio on Watcha Clan (classic band-written puffery) and a video. Check it out..

"It’s been ten years since the music of Watcha Clan started moving to the rhythm of the waters of the Mediterranean. The ten year watershed has marked a new start for the band : Diaspora Hi-Fi, their new project. The party continues…

This fluid scene’s distinctive electro sound powers the clan into new territory. Speeding forward through frenetic rhythms or rendering homage to their roots, the clan, a real family embodied in the voice of Sista K, never forget their destiny or their mission, their search for space and freedom. Above all, they are true nomads in the world of music....

Always on the move, Sista K’s family history is intimately entwined with her music. She’s Ashkenazi through her mother and Sephardic and Berber through her father, an Algerian independence fighter who was French before he was born (an 1870 decree gave French nationality to the Jewish population of Algeria). She could have been born in the land of Israel, where her parents met, but saw the light of day in the shadow of Marseille’s Bonne Mère. La Belle de Mai, La Busserine, Le Merlan are all inextricably part of her personal geography; her own Bermuda Triangle in which she could never loose herself and which helped forge the consummate woman she is today. “Back then,” she says, “in the northern quarters of Marseille, no-one cared who was Jewish and who was Muslim. We all lived together, and life was always stimulating.”

Watcha Clan - Eli Eli

For more info on the Clan check their website and their MySpace page, which includes an active tour schedule. Also check out these articles by NPR and the BBC.

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