Friday, August 7, 2009

Limmud Fest: Bring your Midrash and your walking shoes!

Ok. I'm a complete sucker for this video. It's a relentlessly goofy advertisement for Limmud Fest, "the UK's Jewish summer festival of learning, culture, music and entertainment (27-31 August 2009)." It's such great fun I've listened to it about a dozen times.

I won't make it to the Fest, but maybe someday. It sounds like a blast. Musical guests this year will include Sharon Alexander, teaching Jewish gospel singing styles, Funk'n'stein, an Israeli funk band, Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita, a hip hop performance poet, Jewdysee, a German group that 'fuses club culture and yiddishkeit, (my note: I love Jewdysee), Shira Kline, "a popular American musician for children and families" (note: I also love Shira Kline), and Jeremiah Lockwood, cantorial blues singer & guitarist Sway Machinery (note: I also.. you get the idea).

Oh, and there are some great non-musical guest lecturers there too. Just sayin'.

Limmud Fest Song


Sheree said...

Thanks for the heads up about Jewdyssee - what a great band!

Jack said...

Hey Sheree, glad you like like 'em. You should check out England's Ghettoplotz and Oi Va Voi too.