Saturday, August 7, 2010

Help Kickstart "Hava Nagila, What Is It?"

Kickstarter is turning into a real Jewish music creativity machine. This month's worthwhile project is "Hava Nagila, What is it?"

Here's the video...

'Hava Nagila, What Is It?' - Fundraising Trailer from Katahdin Productions on Vimeo.

And here's the pitch...

"Nearly 400,000 people saw the Hava Nagila, What Is It? clip during our first IndieGoGo fundraising campaign.

We shot several interviews with donor support including Glen Campbell, Professor Edwin Seroussi and the granddaughers of A.Z. Idelshohn (the creator of Hava Nagila). But the film isn’t done yet.

During the Summer of the Shekel, we have the audacious goal of raising $18,000 to continue production. Your tax-deductible support will be used for:

Interviewing the daughter and granddaughter of Moshe Nathanson. All their lives these women believed that their beloved father and grandfather, a cantor and leading light of Jewish music in New York, wrote the lyrics to Hava Nagila, not A.Z. Idelsohn, who is generally credited as the song’s creator. An important legacy is in question.

An Interview with music legend Connie Francis. She not only sang Hava Nagilah, but recorded an entire album of Jewish songs. Connie’s agreed to the interview, but we need to raise the funds to go with our crew to Toms River, New Jersey, where she will be performing on August 28th!

Other possible celebrity interviews include Jo Anne Worley, Dick Dale, Chubby Checker and others!

Capturing more Hava moments at weddings, b’nai mitzvahs and sporting events, where Hava Nagila is a rallying tune on par with Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll, Part 2” and Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” – yes, we’re proud!

If everyone who visits the site gives $18 or more the entire film will be funded. It’s possible for a group of people to come together to fund a film they want to see!!!

To find out more about Roberta’s recent documentary, Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh, visit

*Why $18? The number 18 is the numeric representation for the Hebrew word “chai” which means “life.” Bring more chai into the world and, before you know it, the completed film will be on a screen near you!!"

I'll admit, as much as being ignorant in public is part of my job description I don't enjoy movies that encourage others to do it. I was much happier with the interviews with people who were a bit thoughtful. That said..I coughed up my loot. How about you?

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Roberta Grossman said...

Thanks so much for posting my project on your web site. I think the film is going to be a surprisingly rich window into 100 years of Jewish history and culture. We've raised $30,000 of a $350,000 budget. Please go to and make a tax-deductible donation. Everyone who donates at least $18 will receive credit on the film. Best, Roberta Grossman, Director Hava Nagila: What Is It?