Thursday, August 12, 2010

They Might Be Golems #jewishbandnames

From the great seething biomass that is twitter comes...suggestions for Jewish band names! I've been monitoring twitter for Jewish music related links and memes for a while. Suggestions for band names is one of my favorites...some smart, perverse, some tongue in cheek, and some condescending or downright mean. To protect the guilty I'm not telling you who came up with each of these little jewels, except for with one exception...
How about naming a female backing band The Nice Jewish Girls? I think Oya Gevoya and the Nice Jewish Girls has a good ring to it... - Aug 10

I'm pretty sure Brisket Gun would be the name of a Jewish Led Zeppelin cover band's hit single. - Aug 10

I'm gonna start a Jewish death metal band and call it "Jewcifer" - Aug 9

The Hammed #jewishbandnames - Aug 7

Matzah the Hoople #jewishbandnames - Aug 7

Puddle of Talmud #jewishbandnames - Aug 7

Gefillter #jewishbandnames - Aug 7

Jewish rock band.........guns and noses! - Aug 9

Anyone interested in forming an all-Jewish Guns 'N Roses cover band called Guns 'N Rosenberg? - July 26

I wanna manage an all Jewish Tigers Jaw tribute band called Tigers Jew. there's a market for that, right?! #SAF2010 - jlu 26

@DrColtCabana New Jewish Rock Band. Jew You. - July 26

This morning it occurred to me that if I were ever start a Jewish rock band I would probably name it Passover Teakettle. @@apollorockit 7-2-10

Jewish Punk band: Anti-Semites For The Savior (or A.SS) @DomKing456 - June 24 2010
And lastly, the inimitable auroranibley's list. I have to give her credit for the sheer volume and for They Might Be Golems. Which really really really should be a band. Someone? Please?
- Oy Vey Go
- Death Cab for Schlomo
- Four Non-Shiskas
- Better than Avram
- They Might Be Golems
- Modest Mohel
- Gephilta Phish
- Zappa and the You Never Call Your Mothers of Invention
And this is just a one month (or so) sample!

One last thing. They Might Be Golems was such a great band name I had to make the album cover above. If you feel inspired...pick any of these bands, make an album cover, send it to me and I'll post it!

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