Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jewish Family Performers

GeminiWork on the Detroit JCC's Stephen Gottlieb Jewish Music Festival continues. It looks like we've committed to doing a family performance during next years fest. That's nice. Last year we had Rabbi Joe Black and he put on a great show. I'm not on the committee that's picking this year's performer (I'm working on a "progressive" Jewish music showcase") But, as the resident Jewish music obsessive/compulsive I was asked to put together a list of likely performers. Here's what I came up with. Some have been featured here on Teruah before..others have been shamefully neglected. (I'll fix that) I've only seen a small handful live, so this list is meant as a reference not an endorsement. I'm sure I'm missing some wonderful folk, particularly from the Chassid and Orthodox communities. Please write in and let me know. Also let me know who on the list you've seen and what you thought.

First the local Michigan performers. I've seen both live and both are wonderful.
  1. Gemini (Ann Arbor)
  2. Elain Serling (Detroit)
Now, the not so local....
  1. Rabbi Joe Black -
  2. The Mama Doni Band -
  3. Shira Klein (ShirLala) -
  4. Dafna (ShirFun) -
  5. Stephanie Schneiderman Https:// (The discs are great. I'm not sure if she tours)
  6. Uncle Moishe (BIG following in the Orthodox community)
  7. Craig Taubman
  8. The Macaroons (not sure if they tour)
  9. Barry Polisar (mostly secular, w/some Jewish material, wickedly funny, been around a LONG time)
  10. Dahlia Tolopsky (not sure if she tours)
  11. Peter and Ellen Alard
  12. Fran Avni
  13. Shir Synergy
  14. Karen Daniel
  15. Judy Farber
  16. Andi Joseph
  17. Cantor Jeff Klepper (who, along with Debbie Friedman and Dan Freelander, pretty much invented Reform songleader style)
  18. Carolyn Boyd Leon
  19. Mark Russio, The Marvelous Toy
  20. Mah Tovu
  21. Cindy Paley
  22. Rick Rect (more for the teen/camp crowd)
  23. Dan Nichols (also more for the teen/camp crowd)
  24. The Shiretts
  25. Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
  26. Sheldon Low
  27. FunkeyMonkeys
  28. Sam Glaser


Mama Doni said...

Hi! It's Mama Doni. Thanks for listing us, Jack!

BTW, we will be in your neck of woods rocking our "Chanukah Fever Family Concert" at Temple Israel in Bloomfield, Michigan on December 5th @ 1pm. I'm not sure but I believe it is open the public?... so come get your dreidel on and celebrate the festival of lights with the Mama Doni Band. The show is truly for the whole mishpocha -- everyone from babies to bubbies.

check our site for more info


Jack said...

Hi Doni...sounds great. I'd love to come.

Sheree said...

Love your site! We're trying to put a children's program together here in Buffalo so this list is a helpful starting point!

(totally unrelated, Teruah introduced me to Jewdyssee several years ago. When are they going to put out a cd?!)