Monday, August 9, 2010

Teruah On TV Part II...The Playlist

Chris from MN wrote in this afternoon asking for the playlist to my Ann Arbor District Library talk. Here you go. I put this together before giving the talk and so there are likely to be a couple of errors. There's also a lot here that were mentioned on the slides that I didn't talk about. Most importantly...this list is only a starting point. The musicians on this list are all wonderful, but only scratch the surface of contemporary Jewish music. Always feel free to write in if you want more recommendations in a particular area.


General Information: Ari Davidow’s Klezmershack

Shtetl: Budowitz

Revival: Shirim Klezmer Orchestra

Bongo: Yiddishe Cup (Ohio)

Simcha: Heartland Klezmer (Lansing, MI)

Post-Revival: David Krakuer & Socalled

Pop: Oi Va Voi

Roots: Red Sea Pedestrians (Kalamazoo, MI)


General Information: Ari Davidow’s Klezmershack

Popular: Wolf Krakowsi

Daniel Kahn (MI & Berlin)



Folk: Lori Cahan Simon (Ohio)

Tanja Solnik

Art: Zahava Seevald

Lazar Weiner: Art of Yiddish Song”

Theater: Folksbiene Theater

Sephardic & Mizrachi

Sephardic Music Festival

Sephardic: Gerard Endery

Jennifer Chales & Oren Bloedow

Latino: Hip Hop Hoodios

Mizrachi: Pharaoh’s Daughter


Art Music, Jazz, and Avant Garde

Tzadik / Radical Jewish Jewish Culture


Bar Kokhba Sextet

Shelley Hirsch

Anthony Coleman Trio

Kletka Red

Oren Ambarchi
Robbie Avenaim

Naxos / Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Ofer Ben-Amots

“Jewish Music of the Dance”

“Jewish String Quartets”

“Thomas Beveridge: Yizkor Requiem”

Jazz: David Chevan

Enrico Fink

Uri Caine

Frank London / Hasidic New Wave

Downtown Scene

JDub Records

Shemspeed Records

David Griffin / Hebrew School

The Sway Machinery

Girls in Trouble

The Shondes



Regina Spektor

Silver Jews

Say Anything


Hava Nashira Jewish Songleader & Music Resource

Rabbi Joe Black

Elaine Serling (MI)

Abby Gostein

Craig Taubman

Todd Herzog

Shabbat Resouled

“American Jewish Summer”

Linda Hirschhorn & Vocolot

Orthodox and Chassidic

Mostly Music

The Jewish Music Report

Shiny Shoe: Yeedle

Neo-Carlebach: Yehuda Green

Modern Orthodox Pop: Blue Fringe

Miami Boys Choir

Na Nach Music

Hip Hop: Y-Love and Describe

Niggunim: Yosef Karduner

Cantor Yitz Yitzchak Meir Helfgot

Women Only: Rivkah Krinsky

Simcha: Avraham Solomon


Chanukah: Richard Kaplan

Kenny Ellis

Erran Baron Cohen

Lori Cahan Simon

Purim: Binyomin Ginzberg

Passover: “Celebrate Passover”


Uncle Moishy

Oy Baby”

Shira Klein

Craig Taubman

Gemini (MI)


David Broza

Hadag Nahash

Chilik Frank


50’s and 60’s

Irving Fields Trio

“Hear O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony in Jazz”

Brothers Zim

Gevatron & The Israeli Kibbutz Folk Singers



Sholomo Carlebach

Diaspora Yeshiva Band

Debbie Friedman

Klezmer Conservatory Band

Flory Jagoda

Social Networking Examples

Can Can

Stereo Sinai (Chigaco)

Online Audio / Radio

Sephardic: Jewish World Radio

Radio Free Klezmer

Na Nach: Breslov Radio

Cantorial: Nusach Radio

Chassidic Pop: Olam Radio

Israeli Radio Station Guide

Chassidic Pop: YidLive

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Chris in MN said...

Thanks, Jack, for the playlist!

I really appreciate your blog. As a Jew by choice, your musical guidance is really helping me with the process of acculturation.


P.S. In the spirit of your remarks about making the Silver Age of Jewish music a new Golden Age, I sent a link to this blog to a friend of mine : )