Thursday, July 26, 2007

DJ Typsy Gypsy Balkan Hotstep Mixtapes

Typsy GypsyI've always loved mix tapes. It's always a trip to see how a musician or music fan hears music. What goes with what and where do you go from there. It used to be that I'd trade mix tapes with friends on cassette tape (yep. I'm that old. sigh) Today, the internet is filled with mix tapes put together by DJs for parties and clubs. A lot of them are pretty tedious. Let's be honest...a lot of club music is made for bumping and jumping to, not listening to. But every once and a while I hear one that gets a fast track to my iPod. Today's are the DJ Typsy Gypsy Balkan Hotstep mixes.

"Balkan beats! So So Hopa! Typsy Gypsy from Belgium mixed a double sided mixtape full of Balkan, Gypsy, Klezmer and everything over 150 bpm! Together with Sam Rabam Typsy Gypsy forms the dj collective Balkan Hot Stepsoundsystem. 'Balkan Hot Step' makes you go hopa!!"

Yeah. So there. The Klezmer shows up in a number of tracks, but takes center stage in two Amsterdam Klezmer Band remixes. Great stuff. The rest is kick up the heels Balkan horn madness mixed and remixed. You can check out the tracklistings on the 'T Nieuwe Werck blog. You can listen to them and download them right here...

Download Balkan Hot Step Part 1 Here

Download Balkan Hot Step Part 2 Here

hat tip to Boing Boing

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