Sunday, July 22, 2007

Klezfest St Petersburg

Klezfest St. PetersburgIt's funny. My first love in Jewish music is Klezmer, but I haven't posted about it in while. So I went to YouTube to see if anything new was posted recently and found a bunch of great Klezfest St Petersburg videos just begging to be blogged. So here goes.

According to the Klezfest website,
"KlezFest was first conceived in the 1990’s as a program for musicians from Jewish communities of the former USSR, which were beginning to revive. Since then, KlezFest has developed into a prestigious international music forum. At KlezFest, klezmorim from different countries and different continents gather for dialogue, for the exchange of experiences and information, and most of all — for playing music together."
It appears that the videos have been uploaded by the official Klezfest sponsors. If so, thanks folks. It's great to see Klezmer alive and well in Russia. The videos span the history of Klezfest and highlight both European and American musicians. Great stuff. I love the opening clarinet in the first video.

Gennady Fomin "Shiza-hora" (KlezFest St.Petersburg 2007)

"Shuloym alaykhem" Performers: Lorin Sklamberg, Michael Alpert, Christian Dawid (Klezfest in St.Petersburg)

Immigration suite. Performers: Adrienne Cooper & Zalmen Mlotek(Klezfest St.Petersburg 2001)

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