Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't watch this video

It's dark, hard to follow and very odd.'s the only documented collaboration of man (Sid Yiddish) and Furby "Your Emoto-tronic Friend"that I'm aware of, and certainly the only one featuring a shofar.

I bravely watched the video all the way through and can report this: the shofar toots, the Furb(ies?) beep and boop, and occasionally someone seems to be doing something with a guitar (a something that shouldn't be described as playing).

I pass this video along in my efforts to capture the spirit and adventure of Jewish music. But please don't watch it.

Suite For Furby On Shofar In D Minor (Art Bootleg Version)


lamont cranston said...

yo jack!

why shouldn't anyone watch this?

Jack said...

Hi Lamont. Well, because "It's dark, hard to follow and very odd." I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek. Please watch it if it sounds interesting. Personally, I thought the idea of the event being recorded was much more interesting than the actual video itself. I love little bits of avant-garde weirdness, but the video and audio recording were so bad that it's not far removed from watching static.