Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Oybaby

OyBabyA couple of weeks ago I posted about OyBaby2, "an exciting concept in children's Judaica ... that combine[s] stimulating imagery with beautiful and fun Hebrew songs to create a rich Jewish experience for children six months and up." While both of my girls loved Baby Einstein videos, I was a bit skeptical that they would go for OyBaby. I figured they were too old (now age 2 1/2 and 4 1/2) for this sort of thing. Wow, was I wrong. The little wigglers have been running around the house for the last two weeks singing "Henei Ma Tov" and "David Melech Yisrael." Not only that, I've had some wonderful discussions with my older girl about who King David was, what a prophet is, what "Tumbalalika" and "Dayenu" mean and and what "Maoz Tzur" is all about. And she initiated each of these conversations. Papa's so proud! The little one's not so aware of the lyrics yet. She just adores the puppets and has to run and find me when "Zum Gali Gali" comes on because, you know, it's "Papa's favorite."

So how did this happen? After I posted the Oybaby2 trailer video, Rob Wolf, the creator of Oybaby, sent me the CD's and DVD's for OyBaby and OyBaby2 so I could check them out. Thanks Rob. I really appreciate it. My kids are hooked, we've got the both the DVDs and CD's in heavy rotation. And so is my Dad, who was out visiting this weekend. I need to by the CD's for him. And I need to buy the DVDs for a friend who has little ones about the age of mine. And for my brother and sister and law who have a little one on the way. Sigh.

If you've got little ones you should check out OyBaby. The production values are great. The arrangements and the musicianship is lovely, and surprisingly sophisticated in spots. The content, focusing on the expected Jewish set pieces (lots of Shabbat and Hannukah candles), is presented well. There is a nice alternation between the Baby Einstein style "look, a shiny toy, let's stare at it, let's keep staring at it" visuals for the littlest ones and puppet shows and other visual narratives for the (slightly) older kids. There are a couple of clunkers, but all in all the Oybabies are a real treat.

And if you act now....

Seriously, Rob said that Teruah Jewish Music readers can "use coupon code "apples" for a 20% discount at our website"


Rob Wolf said...

Thanks, Jack! Glad it's a hit in your household!

Rob Wolf
OyBaby LLC

Jack said...

Sure thing, Rob. Yeah, my kids are pretty enthralled. And it makes a nice change from Dora The Explorer and other kids programs they watch.