Friday, July 27, 2007

The Spirit Series: Voices of the Conservative Movement

I got an odd letter in the (snail) mail the other day. It was from The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (which I support) saying, more or less, "I hope you liked the CD we sent you".


Actually, this was a double Huh? because 1) I didn't get any CD in the mail and 2) didn't have any idea that USCJ produced CDs. (I'm actually aware of precious little self-identified Conservative music.) I talked to them on the phone and still don't have 1 sorted out. It seems they did a fund raiser by sending CDs out hoping for donations and somehow I got the donation letter but not the disc. Story of my life.

As for 2, they sure do produce music. They've been working on "The Spirit Series" for a while. The series is has six offerings and is

"A joyous series of music CDs jointly produced by the Cantors Assembly and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, featuring music and prayers sung by members of the Cantors Assembly with familiar favorites and new compositions, and Hebrew texts, translations, and commentaries on the selections"

I ordered two of them, the Spirit of Shabbat and the Spirit of the High Holy Days and should get them in a week or so. I'll report in when I get them.

By the way, if you click on each album cover you'll get a full page (.pdf) advertisement.

The Spirit of the Jewish Wedding The Spirit of Hanukkah The Spirit of Passover The Spirit of the High Holy Days The Spirit of Israel The Spirit of Shabbat

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