Monday, September 17, 2007

Mordechai Ben David & YM Gerstner - Chabad Telethon

Chaim at Life-of-Rubin posted this video from the recent Chabad Telethon. I'm not sure about the kid's voice, but it's hard not to love MBD in this one. (Do I sound cool? All of the in crowd calls him MDB. Mordecai Ben David is one of the leading Chassidic popular singers with dozens of albums to his credit)

Chaim points out that the concert was, in fact, a telethon. If you want to make a donation, go to

Mordechai Ben David & YM Gerstner - Chabad Telethon

This video was taken down and reposted. Sorry if anyone had any issues with it. Thank's again to Chaim for posting (and reposting) it.


Chaim said...

because of a few jewish themed tv show clips I put up my youtube account was deleted. I made a new account and I'll re upload the telethon videos tonight.

Chaim said...

updated link.

Jack said...

Chaim, Thanks for the link. I've fixed my post.

Anonymous said...

this is a working link of that song, tho the sound is really low... someone will have to increase the volume and re-up it sometime!