Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rosh Hashana Urbano

There are so many Jewish music festivals that I can't even try to post about them all, but some just need to get shared. This past weekend Buenos Aires Argentina got revved up for Rosh Hashana with 'Rosh Hashana Urbano,' a two day festival of Jewish music and humor. Sure, bouncing to Hebrew singing rock band Guiborim isn't a particularly deep and introspective way to prepare for the Days of Awe, but fun community building has to count for something. If your Spanish is less rusty than mine, there's a nice article in the local paper describing the event.

Anyway, here's Rosh Hashana Urbano promo video put out by the event sponsor, YokTime. I can't wait to show my elder wiggler. She and I love to watch Rube Goldberg machine videos and she'll flip out to see a Jewish one. I'm not sure where the music for the video comes from. It reminds me of a British pop tune used in particularly annoying hair products commercial.


Here are videos of some the bands that took part.

Segundo Mundo. Música Klezmer


Guiborim - Jewish Rock

Other groups that took part include "The Shabbatones" (a Ska group, not the UPenn singing group), The Klezmer Brass Band, Hiperimpulso, Simja Dujov & The Strudel Klezmer band, and the Dúo Guefilte Fish.

I got the link to the newspaper article from the blog "Trendy Palermo Viejo", the "First trilingual blog about shops, restaurants, hotels, places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina." Thanks Nancy!


Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hi Jack, I'm glad my post helped! Shana Tova!

Jack said...

Definitely. My wife speaks fluent Spanish and I'm looking forward to getting her to translate it for me.
Shana Tova!