Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nu Jewish Music & Boom Pam

I just ran across the website and myspace page for Nu Jewish Music. My French being worse than my Hebrew, I can't tell if the site refers to a radio program or a concert promoter. Something like that. Anyone know more? I get the impression from their myspace page that they've got a Jewish Mix CD and shows coming up that include some of my favorites David Krakauer, Frank London, Socalled, and Balkan Beat Box as well as a few groups I know less about including the violinist Sophie Solomon, singer Yael Naim, Boogie Balagan and Boom Pam.

I'll be looking into all of them, but for the moment I'm pretty in love with Boom Pam. The guys are from Israel, include two guitars, drums and a tuba, and play "a mixture of rock with international flavors, including Balkan, Greek, Klezmer, Arab, Mediterranean and others.". You can find out more about them at their website, BoomPam.org, and at their myspace page.

Boom Pam - Hatul VeHatula

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