Sunday, February 3, 2008

Contemporary Niggunim: the Techelet Ensemble & The New Song For Jerusalem Quintet

Here are two lovely examples of new niggunim from Israel. While both are instrumental, not vocal, they interpret and draw inspiration from the niggun tradition.

This first video doesn't have any of the arty dissonance I love, but every once and a while I force myself to listen to something that's just pretty. (It's good for me) And this video of Yoel Taieb and the Techelet Ensemble from Jerusalem, is pretty, but there is also a gentle sense of adventure to it that's gotten me to re-listen to it a number of times. It's basically a wedding video, but if you can take your music with a dose of rosy cheeked hand-holding then it's worth the watch. The Techelet Ensemble have two recordings available through CD Baby, "The World to Come" and "I will hope for him.

Techelet Ensemble Nigun

The second video is Amir Perelman and the "New Song for Jerusalem Quintet." I couldn't find out much about Perelman other than he "meshes the many musical styles he's picked up while plucking his way around the globe. Whether dabbling in traditional Indian music or playing contemporary Western material, the Israeli composer seems to always teeter his tunes on the edge of complexity." Whatever that means, this is lovely piece.

Amir Perelman Shtaltem Nigunim

hat tip to Yoel Taiem and YouTube member abperi for posting the videos.

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Yoel Taieb said...

Well Chavre i'm happy that you found this video of me and my Techelet Ensemble. If you liked it you can too watch to another one of the band at

It's a Breslev nigun Yah Ribbon Olam. You can too visit a website that i built on the Nigun at
My own website is
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Blessings from Jerusalem
Yoel Taieb