Friday, February 8, 2008

Simply Tsfat on Rabbi Doug, 1992

This video is a blast, not only for the great performance by Israel's 'Simply Tsfat', but for the honky-tonk Rabbi Doug theme music that leads off. Rabbi Doug does a weekly radio show in the Chicago area. You can get more info and show times from his website. He recently started putting clips from his show onto YouTube and I'll probably post a number of them over the coming weeks. Great stuff.

Simply Tsfat are Breselev Chassidim from the US and Canada, who now live and perform in Israel. They have a half dozen or so albums available through Sameach Music and well loved in the frum Jewish music community. I forgot to mention, I picked this video to play today because of the lovely performance of Shabbos Kadshenu. Shabbat shalom!

"Simply Tsfat" performs on TAPED WITH RABBI DOUG

Hat Tip to Rabbi Doug for posting this video and lots more.

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