Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hamsa: Like the Backstreet Boys in Yarmulkes

Now we have a boy band to call our own. sigh.

Hamsa Boys Bring Us Shalom

hat tip to YouTube user Aslebow for posting the video.

Grin. I was just told (in the comments) that I'm 10 years late. Evidently Hamsa is 10 years old. I didn't realize that.


Anonymous said...

you're 10 years late. this band came out around 1997. check out for new stuff

the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

Somehow, I do not regret having missed this for the last ten years too terribly.

Zvika said...


This is Zvika from the Hamsa Boys...for the record we're NOT 10 years old yet...our band came out in late 2002 so we're about 6yo.. but we r working on a new album thats gonna come out by Lag Baomer. It's mostly Euro Techno and R&B

Jack said...

Hey, Zvika, I'll admit not being a huge fan of your style. Drop me a line, though, when your album is ready to hit the streets. I'd be glad to help spread the word (videos or audio tracks are helpful).