Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teihu rocks Pittsburgh

Band pic of Teihu
I just got an email Teihu, from my favorite Pittsburgh Chassidic heavy metal band. I went to school for a while in Pittsburgh and have a soft-spot for all things related to Da'Burgh. (I particularly miss being around folks who speak proper Burgh English. Yinz jeet jet? No, d'ju?).

Anyway, the "screeching cacophony of bliss" wants everyone to know that while they didn't win the battle of the bands they were participating in they did really well. They also have some new demo's available on their website & myspace pages.

Here is Phykkusabrig and Dirty Little Secrets. Let me know know what you think.


Dirty Little Secrets

They're going to be in Cincinnati for a "Pre-Purim Party on March 19. Last year about 250 college students showed on Purim to the Chabad House for the event. Going for a bigger crowd this year!" Contact Yitz the Poritz at info@teihu.com for more info.


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Miss Shona said...

Wow, thank you for posting about these guys!

Jack said...

I'm glad folks are digging Teihu. Miss Shona, I'd drop you an email to say hi but I didn't see any contact info on your blog. So hi! Drop me an email if you ever feel like chatting about Jewish music and Pittsburgh. I lived there for a bit while in grad school. Great town.