Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hava Nagila & JumpStart World

So, is Judaism the only religion in the world with a theme song? The occasion doesn't matter, if you want to something to sound Jewish, just add Hava Nagila. Sigh.

I had funny 'Hava Nagila' moment recently that I thought I'd share. I was washing dishes and humming to myself. I'd wanted to put some music on in the kitchen, but was foiled by my 5 year old. Before I could fire up one the 'Ofer Ben-Amots' discs I just got in the mail she asked to play her video game, JumpStart World Kindergarten. (Brief plug, JSW is a pretty slick game, with a great mix of educational and entertainment content. The wiggler loves it.). JSW is pretty noisy and has it's own sound track, so no music for me. Oh well. Back to humming. All of a sudden I realized I was humming Hava Nagila. Huh? Then I realized I was humming along with the little one's game. She was running around her game world with the body of a girl robot and a MIDI instrumental Hava Nagila soundtrack. When we started the game, we'd identified ourselves as "celebrating Chanukah." That got us lot of Jewish stars and menorah's around Chanukah. And now...Hava Nagila.

To quote a friend from college..."now thats a metaphor for something larger"

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