Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exodus 2.0: Idelsohn Society Passover Mix 2010

I love it when I get scooped by non-Jewish media. It gives me hope. Today I was beaten to the punch by my favorite blog, Boing Boing, who featured this pretty fabulous mix tape of Passover music clips compiled by the gang at the Idelsohn Society. The mix isn't really DJ quality, certainly not up there with Socalled's Seder, but does a fine job of collecting a bunch of odd and wonderful recordings.

Exodus 2.0: Idelsohn Society Passover Mix 2010 by The Idelsohn Society

The best part....you can download it right now and use it for your pre- or post-seder sound track. I know I'm going to. Or throw it on a thumbdrive as a great present for your afikomen finders. (If you do, wrap the it in a $5 bill. Just sayin')

Tracks include:
Richard Tucker, "The Kiddush"
Darondo, "Let My People Go"
Socalled, "The Four Questions"
Moe Jaffe & Henry Tobias, "Passover Time on the Range"
G-d Is My Co-Pilot, "Dayenu"
Steven Bernstein, "Manishtana" (vs. The Wonder Kids)
Bas Sheva, "Caravan"
Joy Division, "Passover"
Rabbi Kahn, "Your Passover Seder" vs. Flying Lotus
Harold Stern, "Jewish Cowboy"
The Carter Family, "On My Way To Canaan's Land"
Charles Mingus, "Freedom"
Nina Simone, "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"
Gershon Kingsley, "What Does It Take (The Ten Plagues)"
Socalled, "Dayenu"
Egyptian Lover, "Egypt, Egypt" vs. The Malavsky Family
Ray Barretto, "Exodus"
Benjamin Lapidus, "Las Cuatro Preguntas"
Ray Charles, "Where Can I Go?"
James Harman Band, "The Four Questions"
The Velvet Underground, "I'm Set Free"
Roosevelt Charles, "Let My People Go"

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Jack Goldenberg said...

We consider this time of year in Israel as the period of freedom - celebrating and remembering Passover, Shoah memorial, Soldiers memorial day and Independence day.

Have a meaningful and peaceful season