Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mama Doni's "Rasta In Pasta"

Continuing the Passover goofiness, here's Mama Doni's "Rasta in Pasta."

Mama DoniMama Doni is a Jewish culture songstress who plays kid shows on the JCC and synagogue circuit. Her songs are very very shticky but are fun, infectious, and have a lot more sense of adventure than a lot of Jewish kids material. Going through the videos and photo's on her website makes me wish that there was more of a market for Jewish television programming. I'd bet she'd give the Wiggles a run for their money.

Mama Doni - Rasta in Pasta

By the way, looking at her tour schedule I see that last September she played at the tiny synagogue I grew up attending. Times have certainly changed. We never had any fun performers come to visit when I was a kid.

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