Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let My People Bugalú

Ok, if the Idelsohn Exodus 2.0 mix wasn't enough for you, here's a wild Latin boogaloo take on the classic African American spiritual, and now Jewish American Passover zemer, "Go Down Moses."
"Let My People Bugalú!
Tell that Pharoah to let me loose. . . . Part the Red Sea and watch me boogie . . . I got 400 years of rhythm stored up in here!

What Sharon Jones did for oldschool soul, what Antibalas did for Afrobeat and what Chicha Libre is doing for chicha, Spanglish Fly is doing for bugalu."

-- Lucid Culture,

<a href="">Let My People Bugalú by Spanglish Fly</a>

The track is only a buck. Go get it. And their 4 song EP is only, wait for it, 4 bucks. Get that too. Great fun. And go check out the Spanglish Fly website.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Moses! This song kicks tuchas.