Sunday, November 18, 2007

CAJE Idol: Mark Samowitz & L'dor V'dor

I just ran across this video of Mark Samowitz's winning performance of L'Dor V'dor (Generation to Generation) at this year's CAJE conference (Coalition on for the Advancement of Jewish Education 'CAJE Idol" competition. The CAJE conference sounds like it was a interesting event.
(From an early press release)
"Over 1500 participants are anticipated at this yearly gathering, including world-class teachers, authors and personalities. At the event, educators from across America – as well as 75 participants from overseas, who include a group of 25 Israelis – will have the chance to attend master classes and network in an informal setting. This year's convention's theme is Engaging 21st Century Jewish Learners."
According to the press release, One of the topics they talked about was the high cost of Jewish education. "With tuition costs in urban centers topping $20,000 per kid per year, Jewish day school is an option that many Jewish parents simply cannot avail themselves of." I hear that. My wife and I debated (and still debate) about sending our little ones to the local Hebrew Day School. Money isn't the only factor in the decision, but it's one of the big one. We're still paying off our own student loans, taking on the additional debt burden of two little ones in a private school isn't possible.

Anyway, congrats to Mark. Good job.

Mark Samowitz is a Jewish Star

Hat Tip to Shulerrobbin for posting the video and other CAJE Idol videos.


Anonymous said...


where can I get the music for this?

Jack said...

Great question. I don't know but would be happy to find out.

Israel Beat said...

Check out this podcast interview with Mark Samowitz!