Thursday, November 8, 2007

Name PsychoToddler's new band

PsychoToddler, aka Moshie Skier of the Moshie Skier Band, is starting a new musical side project. And he's looking for help naming it. Here's his description ....
"We've been doing acoustic performances. We do a couple of my original songs, a few Chassidic standards, some Carelbach, the occasional jazz standard, and most recently, with the addition of our talented clarinet player, some Klezmer."
If you have a good idea go leave PT a comment on his blog. My vote was "Lemon-Cheeky (Limonchiki)." The name comes from a recording by the Russian tsimbl player, Dobranotch that Dan from Learning Tsimbl linked to yesterday.

Here's one of their videos.

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