Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hanukkah Day 2: Yes We Can

Woops. Meant to lead off my Hanukkah videos with this one. It's an add for the local Malibu Florida Chabad House, but is much more.

Chanukah: Yes, We Can!

Here are the lyics and the Chabad (Lubavitch Chassidic) House's explanation...

"It was the bold encouragement offered by Moses to a nation yearning for freedom Yes, we can!

It was the phrase that kept our hopes alive during historys harshest times Yes we can Yes we can

It was spoken defiantly to those wishing to stamp out religious freedoms - Yes we can

When triumph seemed beyond reach; G-ds miracle was not. In hidden caves, attics and cellars His people courageously whispered: - Yes He can

THIS was the message that G-d sent the world when a small team of Maccabees vanquished an entire army - Yes we can - Yes we can

And was the comforting answer to the Jews in Communist Russia who wondered: Will the Menorah ever shine in my life

- Yes. We. Can.

On Chanukah we celebrate freedom we celebrate with pride we celebrate in public, in the open because we can! Whether you lit the menorah last year, or 20 years ago celebrate this Chanukah with family celebrate with Chabad

Start lighting YOUR menorah Sunday evening December 21st, 2008 and let the flame of freedom speak for herself: - Yes. We. Can. "


Joe said...

Very nice. I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

does soemebody have the music notes of the sing
please send them to me

thanks n greetz