Monday, February 2, 2009

Rebecca Teplow's Kaveh

I received an email recently asking me to announce Rebecca Teplow's new album, "Kaveh / Hope". I sat on it a while I waited for Teplow to get her website in order, but now that she has I'm delighted pass along the link. I haven't heard the whole album, just the sample clips, but I'm pretty impressed with what I've heard. Teplow has a painterly approach to song writing, one that layers the tiny precise brush-strokes of her clear and controlled voice over large voluptuous brush-strokes of shifting musical genres and textures. Which means that she can do the neat trick of swinging between cabaret, folk, and rock sounds without sounding contrived, clearly drawing on the different emotional strengths of each.

Teplow describes her approach likes this..
"People gain an image of what my music is about without reference to Hebrew. This is because the words are so vividly linked to the musical techniques used. For instance, in Kaveh, the hope that we are trying to hold onto when we are in a desperate situation is presented in the opening notes of "Kaveh" (which means "hope") with a series of dissonant chord clusters. When the words move into "strengthen yourself and G-d will instill courage in your heart", there is a strong resolution of the dissonance presented. Another example is present in the rhythmic drive of "Nachon Libi" (which means "steadfast is my heart") reflecting your heart racing towards G-d presence in your life, as if you are singing to G-d with your whole being. It is an announcement that you are ready for a spiritual connection. I will sing music even with my soul. The beat is awakening the world to G-d's presence in their life."
Here are a couple of samples. Check 'em out.

Teplow's "Nachon Libi" (sample)

Teplow's "Min Hametzar" (sample)

For more info or to order, visit her website or CD Baby.

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