Friday, February 6, 2009

Shivi Keller - Adonai Melech

Shabbat shalom, everyone.

It's been a week and I'm looking forward a little quiet. But to close out the week I wanted to post my usual get in the Shabbat groove video. I thought I'd use is as an opportunity to explore Na Nach music a bit more. I've been exchanging email with one of the folks responsible for and was recommended Israeli musician Shivi Keller. (Others too, and I'll introduce them in their own posts over the next couple of weeks). According to my NaNach correspondent Keller "has the sweetest music (and only one eye thanks to our cousins) and has 2 or 3 Nanach givald givald Nanach songs and in general the Nanach enjoy his music." Keller put an album out in 2004 called Ein Od Milvado. The album is supposed to be available from the Israeli Gal Paz website, but my Hebrew being a bit weak (understatement of the day), I haven't confirmed it yet. In the mean time you can catch a nice interview with him about it over at Israel Beat and a bunch more videos on YouTube.

shivi keller adonai melech

For more info on Na Nach, see my previous blog post. Hat Tip to YouTube user shinshinmem for uploading the video.

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